What will I see?

We encourage you to come as you feel comfortable.  Most people you will meet at South Fremont feel most comfortable dressing casually.  

There is a children's area for little ones (0-3) where parents are welcome to stay with their children during service.  It is not staffed with nursery staff at this time, but the worship service audio is available in this area.  Children ages 4-11 stay for singing and then are welcome to have fun in Children's Church.  

Don't be surprised by our size.  Some people feel uncomfortable in settings with large crowds.  Some feel uncomfortable in small groups.  We fall into the small group category.  We understand if you prefer something larger.  However, we would love the opportunity to convince you to join us.


As mentioned above, we do not currently have a staffed nursery, but feel free to ask us to see the children's area where our families hang out with their little ones.

We have a secure area where our children have Children's Church on Sunday.  The children go to Children's Church after the singing part of service with our Children's Director.

Connection Card

As our guest, we encourage you to fill out the Connection Card that is in the bulletin.  We only use that information to welcome you with a card and communicate if there is something you need to know.  On the back of the Connection Card is a few options to respond or communicate if you would like to.